Available Outdoor Movies

Have a great idea for your next outdoor movie night? We can screen just-about any publicly available movie in Canada!

Selecting a good movie starts with knowing your audience. We suggest you first consider the age of your audience. Some films may not be suitable for a younger audience, if in doubt, use the ESRB ratings to determine what might work best. Then, determine your audience’s taste. Select a movie that you think people will like! We like IMDB, or Rotten Tomatoes for help selecting a film.

Be sure to select up to 3 movies you would like to screen – if for some reason your first choice is not available, your second or third might be. Please note: Celestial Cinemas can not purchase a screening license on your behalf – we can however, make the process as easy for you as possible! So once you have your picks selected, you’re ready to book your outdoor movie theatre rental!

Need some help selecting an outdoor movie?


It varies by movie – newer movies tend to cost a little more. Expect between $150-$400 for a movie already out on blu-ray, and a couple hundred more for a movie that’s finished it’s theatre run, but is not in-stores yet. You must also consider whether your event will be FREE, or by admission. By Admission events are subject to additional fees – and a commission of your total gate sales.
For Public Performances you DO. The Canadian Copyright Act states that the viewing or exhibition of a copyrighted work in a public space must have a public performance license. The requisition and adherence to this license is mandatory for all screenings. Celestial Cinemas strictly adheres to the laws and regulations that apply to screening copyrighted material.
For Backyard Movie Screenings, or similarly private venues, and if the movie is just for you and your family or friends, you probably don’t require a public performance license.
We sure do!. We just can’t buy it for you – but we can do all the leg-work for you!
The ACF (Audio Cine Films Inc) is the primary place for Copyright Licences, Film presentation rights, and New film releases. Toll Free: 1-800-289-8887 fax: 1-514-493-9058
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