Frequently Asked Questions

  • COST

    The cost of hosting an outdoor movie event vary between $500 – $4000+ depending on a variety of factors. Screen size, and travel distance primary among them. Celestial Cinemas can provide you with accurate pricing for your event, just request a quote – they’re free!


    The earliest your event can start is sunset. Please expect wrap-up to be finished by 3am. For sunset times:


    The event organizer must provide a suitable venue. Please ensure all interfering lighting will be turned off, all sources excessive noise will be removed, and any other potential interruptions will be eliminated.


    Pre show logos and sponsored videos can be aired prior to the start of the event. ALL pre-show material must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event, and approved by Celestial Cinemas. Celestial Cinemas reserves the right to include our own logo, and short commercial with your sponsorship program. Please contact us for details.


    Our fees DO NOT include the cost of the movie license. This is a separate fee in addition to the equipment rental. It is standard to provide 2 unopened blu-ray movies for our crew to screen. Begin sourcing your movie as soon as you book!


    Please ensure you have secured an appropriate space – we prefer to review the venue as soon as possible. It is common to host events on grass, or otherwise ‘soft’ grounds – this allows us to safely stabilize our screen by sinking four large anchors into the ground. Hard grounds, like parking lots, require alternate methods of securing the screen. If you cannot provide a soft venue, PLEASE INFORM US IMMEDIATELY, the fees required to rent, deliver and setup alternate anchors are not included in our rental fee. Lastly, we require vehicle access to the venue.


    In situations where penetrating anchors must be used (most), we cannot set up unless all potential underground obstacles (water, irrigation, gas and power lines) are marked.


    Celestial Cinemas reserves the right to cancel any event, (up to and including the day of), if there is risk to the safety of our staff, equipment, or attendees. There are NO cash refunds for canceled events, but we will arrange a second showing.


    Celestial Cinemas may cancel the screening of any movie if the weather appears to have the potential to cause harm to our equipment, staff, or attendees. Examples of weather conditions that may cause a cancellation are: lightning/thunder, wind, cold, and rain. In most cases a weather related cancellation will simply be re-scheduled for a different day, depending on availability. Please note: If the event must be canceled after Celestial Cinemas has begun traveling to the venue, travel fees still apply.